26 Septembre 2018 à 11h14 - 1467

The benefits of buying a spa

The spa is an invention that was born about fifty years ago. Since then, this balneotherapy equipment has not stopped gaining more and more followers. Especially since its popularization has been greatly boosted by the recognition of its many benefits and virtues including therapeutic. The purchase spa is a project that seduces a number of fans who does not stop increasing. Whether solo or in good company, relaxation and well-being remain at the rendezvous with a bath in a spa.

The different effects of a bath

The jacuzzi and spa are two terms for one and the same. It is always an ideal balneotherapy equipment to de-stress gently. This is indeed the perfect tool to access well-being. The heat combined with the swirls of the bath water, promote the release of muscular and nervous tension. This relaxation is essential to get rid of stress. If you want to sleep well, a session of about 15 minutes in the bath of a spa, can easily find sleep. The latter will be even better. Swirls and heat will also eliminate toxins stored in the body through sweating. The dead skin cells will also be exfoliated to leave new skin glowing with health and beauty. Digestion and blood circulation will also be optimized.

Many therapeutic virtues are also recognized at the spa. It must be remembered that this equipment was designed in its early days to overcome osteoarthritis. But in truth, a bath in a spa also has therapeutic effects on tension and joint pain as well as muscular pain. These therapeutic actions are the result of the combined action of bath heat, massage jets and the effect of weightlessness. The bath water of a spa is maintained at a high temperature of around 38 ° C. Weightlessness decreases the pressure on the body. As for the massage jets, they massage the body. The benefits of the spa can be enhanced by the use of essential oils, play of light, ...

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